Conflict Resolution Training

Online & onsite blended learning

Due to Covid-19 restrictions this course will be delivered through our online platform and live zoom classes.

How to manage conflict resolution in the workplace and community. Learn to develop skills and techniques to assist and improve good communication to avoid unnecessary escalation of difficult situations.

Our online Conflict Resolution Training is designed for general staff and does not include the complexities of our in-depth 3 day course.

It is designed as an introduction to give general staff a greater understanding of the tips and techniques to minimise conflict in the workplace. After completing this training learners will have the knowledge, skills and competence required to critically engage with the theory and practice of conflict management in the workplace and community.

Course Objectives:

Course Objectives:

Key Topics:

Who Should Do This Course?

To create a harmonious workplace conflict should be addressed pro actively to avoid unnecessary escalation of situations. This course is designed to give individuals a greater understanding of how best to deal with situations positively and in a constructive fashion. Learners will receive training to prevent the escalation of what in many cases can start out as small issues.

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Our trainers are certified by various awarding bodies including QQI & IFE. Students will receive certification from Darren Whelan Training or relevant awarding bodies if applicable.

Conflict Resolution Online Training